Commercial extraction CANOPIES

All of our custom-made kitchen extraction canopies are made in 100% dull-buffed stainless steel and supplied with a protective plastic coating. They are formed with welded and polished corners so as to maximise strength, to prevent dirt traps and to present a clean, aesthetically pleasing appearance.


ExtractionThe extract plenum (chamber), which holds a number of grease filters through which extracted air is drawn, is air tight and usually extends for the full length of the canopy.

Our canopies include condensation/grease channels to all four sides which drain to removable grease trays for easy cleaning.

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Wall-style extraction canopies

Wall-style extraction canopies


We can produce wall-style, stainless steel canopies (which cover a line of cooking appliances backing onto a wall) up to 7 metres long or L-shaped canopies to cover two cooklines which meet in a corner.

Island-Style extraction canopies

Island-Style extraction canopies


Our island-style canopies cover equipment in the centre of the kitchen and can be single-sided or double-sided (cooklines back to back) featuring a V-shaped extract plenum. We manufacture in sizes up to 7 metres long by 4 metres wide which can be supported from the ceiling/roof of the kitchen with or without a service distribution unit.

Easy-clean stainless steel filters

Easy-clean stainless steel filters


Our canopies are fitted with a range of polished stainless steel baffle-type grease filters to suit the application and canopy design. These are easy to clean in a commercial dishwasher and provide excellent filtration performance. We can also supply replacement filters in a range of types and sizes to suit most existing systems.

Extraction canopy lighting

Extraction canopy lighting


The majority of our stainless steel canopies are supplied with integral lighting which can be provided by low-energy bulkhead lights or fully-recessed twin-tube strip lights, with stainless steel surround in 1000 or 1200mm lengths. All our lights are vapour-proof with heat resistant, shatter-proof lenses and easy clean surfaces and are proven in the demanding environment of a commercial .

Stainless Steel Wall Cladding


We usually clad the walls behind our wall canopies with stainless steel sheets, neatly joined with easy-clean joint strips and featuring a coving strip to ensure a secure and hygienic floor/wall junction.

This stainless steel cladding can be extended beyond the canopy to cover the whole kitchen if required.

Service distribution units


Our island-style extraction canopies are frequently supplied with a service distribution unit (or “spine”) which is a stainless steel structure designed to support and conceal the gas, electric, water and waste services which run to and from a centrally-located cooking island.

Each spine is designed for a specific kitchen layout and may include risers for services to be carried from above the canopy, removable or hinged panels and openings for sockets etc. We usually provide the shell of the unit only for others to fit out the services required.

Dishwasher and condense canopies


We manufacture canopies to cover dishwashers which can be mechanical (from which steam is extracted via a fan) or non-mechanical “condense” canopies which allow the steam arising to condense and drain via channels to all four sides.